Akha Youth Development Center (AYDC)

The Akha Youth Development Center (AYDC) is a housing program for children grades 1-12 so they are able to attend school in the city of Chiang Rai. 

Most Akha villages do not have schools. In order to attend school regularly, a child must live near school. If a child cannot attend school, they are at a higher risk to be trafficked into the sex trade. T-AMF supports youth education and assists in various ways to make it possible for Akha children to be educated. 

The AYDC works to keep children at home with their families, providing the necessary transportation to and from school each day and also provides tutoring and lunch money 

For children who come from rural villages, the AYDC provides room and board, transportation to and from school every day and tutoring. Each child is selected to stay at the hostel based 

AYDC Thanks You!

  • If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us under the GET INVOLVED tab to see our full list of AYDC children that need a sponsor. 

  • It costs $40/month to sponsor a child which covers transportation to and from school, housing and food. 
  • T-AMF encourages each child's family or relatives to cover tuitioncosts. If they are unable to help financially, they are able to come and volunteer by working in the tea or rice field or by donating vegetables, chickens or rice. Exceptions are made in special circumstances.
  • Sponsors are welcomed and encouraged to send letters, packages or photos of yourself to your child. You will receive a letter and updated photo from your child twice a year.
  • You can also donate one-time gifts toward the AYDC Scholarship fund, which covers different children needing additional support or to the Christmas Fund which helps provide gifts during Christmas. For more information in giving to these programs, please send an inquiry under the GET INVOLVED tab so the Child Sponsorship Coordinator can contact you with further information.​

Sponsor a Child

on risk and need. Priority is given to children who are poor, orphaned or otherwise at risk. 

Together, the children eat, study, complete chores, play, learn about Jesus and maintain their Akha heritage. The children are also involved with the self-sustaining projects and technical skill programs on the compound. Over 70 children live on the AYDC campus.

To promote life skills for the older adolescent students, AYDC rents housing in Chiang Rai. There are about 25 older youth living in the city. Many of these students have a job while they are in school. 

T-AMF seeks sponsors to help provide for these every day necessities. ​

Every year for Christmas, we try to raise extra money (about $10/child) and take each of them to the local market in Chiang Rai and let them pick out things they need. In the past they have used their money to buy new pair of shoes, a watch, a school bag, etc. 

Donating to our Christmas fund is another great way to give to our AYDC kids. They are so grateful for your gifts!