Akha Evangelist  Training Program 

The Fellowship of Akha Baptist Churches 

(FABC)  in Thailand have been involved with training and teaching new Christian leaders and evangelists: 

  • Support basic Bible knowledge in the Christian village

  • Be a spiritual and community leader and facilitate individual and community growth

  • Prayer

  • Conduct Christian ceremonies

  • Church administration responsibilities 

  • Singing songs from the Akha hymn book

  • Build up the next generation of Christian workers

  • Teach Akha how to read and write their language 

Each new Christian Akha Village is in training for three years. Each village sends two people to join this Bible training, which occurs four times each year, for a four day/three night retreat.  FABC hopes and prays that after training is completed, the leaders will be able to run their own local Church. FABC will continue to support the church and their leaders. 

Many organizations from around the world have sponsored the new churches built in Akha Christian villages. 

Since 2014, we support: 

14 Villages and churches

​4 Pastors / 10 Village leaders

230 Families

1,118 Church members

Fellowship of Akha

 Baptist Churches

Ahtsa and Ahpeh Chermui, Luka's parents, were the first Akha family to become Christian. In 1962, missionaries from Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) introduced them to Christ. Over the years, His message has spread and by the grace of our God there are now Christians in over 100 Akha villages that believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Each village practices a slightly different denomination. 

​Many other Akha tribes want to become Christian, but they also desire to keep their own culture and way of life, including all aspects of agricultural, educational and health development. Christianity may alter certain aspects of Akha culture, but we believe that these changes honor Christ and each other.
The Fellowship of Akha Baptist Churches (FABC) in Thailand was created in 1990 to support and respond to the needs of the Akha people in Thailand, Myanmar, China and Laos. FABC is a group for Akha people, by Akha people, through Akha people. Since 1997, FABC has been in fellowship with the Thailand Baptist Churches Association.

FABC Responsibilities to the Akha Churches:

  • Monitor FABC membership population
  • Monitor conditions of FABC membership problems such as spirituality, health, education, drugs, etc. 
  • Study, maintain and support Akha traditions and culture according to a Christian view as well as the Christian influence to Akha culture
  • Provide opportunities for leaders and evangelists to train and study
  • Support church activities: Sunday school, youth programs, men/women programs and training for church administration