Self-Sustaining Projects

The vision of T-AMF is to be self sufficient through sustainable agricultural projects. We work on several projects each year to reach our goal. We also educate and encourage the AYDC children to be a part of these projects so they can teach their village. There are several Akha churches that have the same vision of self-sustainability. 


  • Tea Production
    We currently have 5,000 Oolong 12 tea plants and basic teach production facilities. We have sold the tea in local markets and are trying to sell our tea on the foreign market. 
  • Fish Farming
    We have a fish pond to help improve the nutritional value of meals at the hostel. The kids are always excited to help catch the fish for dinner!
  • Rice Paddies
    In 2012, a church sponsored the land for our rice paddies. The students and their families come to plant and harvest the rice. We currently grow enough rice to feed the children at the AYDC for half the year. 
  • Terrace farming
    On the AYDC campus, we have a series of terrace farming. Terrace farming techniques stops top soil ruff off, replenishes the soil, is organic and increases crop production. We teach these techniques to the villages as well. This farming method teaches Akha villages to be responsible stewards of creation.


  • Cow Project
    We buy cows or bulls for villages for breeding. The recipient village is asked to breed at least 3 calves. The first and third offspring are for the village to keep or to sell for a profit. The gift cow and the second calf are to be given back to the Cow Project to be shared with another village. 
  • Pig Project
    We loan villages money to buy pigs. In a year, they are expected to pay back the loan and are asked to make a small monetary gift to the pig project. The returned loan and gift are used to continue the project.
  • Water Project
    ​Akha villages have access to water, but it is not necessarily healthy, clean or drinkable. T-AMF helps find sponsors to help fund the basics of installing a filtered water system.